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What is Connectum's driving force?


Connectum stands for innovation,
creativity to make life easier and smarter
with respect for the planet and its inhabitants.


As a local producer of unique, universal and circular products and as an smart, flexible SME, we strive to distribute our products on a global scale through a partner network. The products must contribute to reducing the use of raw materials in general and waste in particular.

Children's products (read our story about the start with toys here)  
should be educational and sustainable.
All products are
designed in such a way that they are easy to use and therefore also earn their way into the social economy.

In addition to traditional distribution, we also want to offer the products-as-a-service.


Connectum stands for inventing, designing and producing unique products that make people's lives easier, safer and more pleasant.

We want to be an educational partner for children and their parents, offering sustainable and simple toys.

We want to contribute to rapidly changing needs of the next generations by co-creating products and concepts with knowledge institutions and partners aiming at   consuming less resources, yet still fulfilling the  consumers needs.

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