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Generate green energy smartly and protect water



Practical and simple

Connect floating solar panels and cover the rest of the water bassin intelligently with Icos!

These smart solutions are available with ClicFloats and ICOS.  


recyclable products

Recyclable products and an efficient production process using products recycled in our own factory contribute to a sustainable and healthier environment. Embrace the circular! 

patented and flexible

Connectum offers high quality and recyclable products.

The unique patented and flexible products are above all user-friendly for everyone!

ClicFloats Meer.jpg

The integrated environmental solution for green energy and water? 

Connect a few elements together and your solar panels produce more green energy. Too good to be true? It’s not. Discover the operation and effectiveness of ClicFloats.


Water evaporation? Algae formation? Water warming? 


Icos are the perfect allies. They float on the water and form a cover layer on water basins, silos, etc... Durable and safe!


Together we create added value for the environment, well-being and make a real difference. 

Innovating in the future for the well-being of all people!

sustainable and socially responsible

Yesterday's products transformed into new purposes for tomorrow! 

At Connectum, plastics are recycled and shaped into new products. In this way, together we create added value for the society of tomorrow.


We continue to innovate in order to do business in a sustainable way.

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