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Mission and vision


Connectum stands for inventing, designing and producing unique products that make people's lives easier, safer and more enjoyable. 


We want to realize all this with a modern look at the rapidly changing needs of the next generations in co-creation with knowledge institutions and partners, where owning products is considered less necessary, but where their temporary use helps to consume fewer resources and thus helps to reduce the pressure on our planet.


As a local producer of unique, universal and circular products and as an awake, flexible SME, we aim to distribute our products on a global scale through a smart network of partners. The products should contribute to reducing the use of raw materials in general and waste in particular. 


All products are designed to be easy to use and therefore also deserve their way into the social economy. 


In addition to the traditional distribution, we also want to offer the products in other ways, whereby Connectum is remunerated for the use of its products.

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