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Get acquainted and make the connection with Connectum immediately.

New concept, new patented products with a unique design.

Since 2001, Connectum is an injection molding company that started as a producer of educational toys, namely Clics Toys, with a parallel production of packaging for the B2B sector.


The company in Wuustwezel has a machine park of more than 20 injection machines ranging from 50 tons to 550 tons.


Right from the start the company had a strong vision for a sustainable society. For instance, their educational Clics cubes and packaging were created from recycled plastic to keep the CO₂ footprint as low as possible.

"Started in Wuustwezel"

ClicFloats Project.jpg

Sustainable solutions

Durable energy and water management

Smart solutions for sustainable energy and water management.
That's what Connectum stands for today. 


The Connectum team developed ClicFloats and ICOS.

These products are used to cover water basins. Both ClicFloats and ICOS are used to place floating solar panels on water basins.

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