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At Connectum, we like to think about ways to conserve more water for climate lakes, greenhouse horticulture, industrial parks and residential areas. In this process, we work with research institutions to conduct scientific studies on water conservation and its various challenges.


Based on research, Connectum developed ICOS cones, which cover water to ensure better and more quality water conservation. Discover below the challenges for which ICOS offers a solution.

Image by Vishal Banik


With ICOS, we conducted a study of water evaporation and temperature at basins under
different conditions:

  • basins without cover

  • basins with sail

  • basins with ICOS

From this study, the following conclusions were formed:

"The original flotation tarpaulin covered about ninety percent of the water. So some surfaces remained exposed to sunlight. There was also always a little water on the sail that could evaporate, but it mainly invited the birds to land. Not ideal."


"The ICOS cover the water surface well and insulate better than a flat sail because they are filled with air and water. The water is also cooler. Connectum's measurements show it to be five to six degrees, which in turn is good for the plants. For them, too high a water temperature is not ideal."

Research results can be found here in the Connectum Magazine.*

*Please note that results are in Dutch.



Covering the water with cones also reduces the
growth of algae
. Algae has certain consequences,
as it was told in
the Connectum Magazine:

"Algae creates an organic pollution of the water system. The water that gets to the plants is filtered. The more algae there is, the more often we have to clean the filters."


"In addition, algae make the water more alkaline, which means we have to make it more acidic again. So we save on liquid acid when there is less algae."

Exact results on how ICOS fights algae can be read in Connectum Magazine here.*

*Please note that results are in Dutch.



Image by Austin Kehmeier

Water quality is important as well. For instance, ICOS provides a higher degree of water quality through lower temperature, less fecal contamination, less need for algae control and less pathogen control.


Connectum's water cover also helps to maintain rainwater quality and prevent evaporation. In this way, we jump more wisely and economically with water. Connectum offers the possibility of generating green energy with the covered water.

approach of

Green Energy               Higher Efficiency             Less Water Evaporation              Better Water Quality

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