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With solar panels on water, you gain more renewable energy and achieve maximum efficiency. How? Using the strengths from nature in combination with ClicFloats. 

Scarcity of suitable locations for solar panels? Many water surfaces offer the solution!

Creacting green energy with floating solar panels also optimizes multiple use of any water surface
This is what is to be achieved.





Natural elements

ClicFloats is a flexible and robust mounting system, designed for solar panels on water.  It creates the right balance on the water surface so that solar panels can capture optimal sun light. 

Because of solar PV is mounted on water, the water gives a natural cooling of the solar panels and hence creates a higher yield.

Clicfloats also fights against draughts, against water evaporation and for maintaining the water quality.

Smoother and more efficient work

ClicFloats stands for innovation and creativity. 

It makes life more beautiful thanks to efficient operation.


Of course, ClicFloats is designed with respect for the planet and its inhabitants.

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Green Deal!

The Green Deal is a plan by the European Commission with goals to make the European Union climate neutral by 2050. 


One of the goals describes that everyone must reduce the use of fossil fuels. Therefore, energy will have to be extracted in a way.


ClicFloats is created with recycled materials and contributes to the circular economy. In this way we try to contribute to the environment.

Blue Deal!

The Blue Deal is the fight against drought and water scarcity, a plan of the Flemish government with objectives to tackle the drought problem. 


Our products ClicFloats and Icos make our water system smarter, more robust and more sustainable and increase security of supply for farmers and companies.

Clicfloats features

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Professional and


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