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Connectum collaborates with several research institutions.

The scientific results serve as support for the development of sustainable and circular products, which will be used for the optimal extraction of green energy. 


Based on research, Connectum developed ClicFloats, a mounting system for solar panels. Ideal for climate lakes, greenhouse horticulture, industrial parks and residential areas. Discover below the challenges for which ClicFloats offers a solution.


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Green energy is generated and extracted in a sustainable way without fossil fuels. One of the natural sources from which green energy is generated is sunlight. This can be done in several ways:

  • ground mounted

  • roof-mounted

  • on the water

Connectum consciously chooses the most sustainable approach to extract green energy, namely: ClicFloats, a modular support system for solar panels on the water. This innovative solution responds to the lack of space and offers additional benefits such as higher efficiency.


Currently, there is enough space for 4.5 million solar panels. 2.4 GWp of installed capacity has
an annual energy yield of 2,200 GWh. This is equivalent to the current consumption

of more than 600,000 Dutch or Belgian families

per year. 


For an installation of, say, 250 panels of 535 Wp
on water, this means 5.5 tons of CO₂

savings annually!


Each m² of water can yield more than 140 kWh/year of green energy and 8% more green energy yield than with a ground or roof installation.

"The modular support system ClicFloats from Connectum lends itself perfectly to this. It is made in plastic so there is no corrosion. The panels move with the water and because they are close to the water, they are much cooler and produce more power. A solar panel on a roof in full sun has a low efficiency. From the same panel you get much more energy when it's on the water."

The full interview regarding green energy can be found here in the Connectum Magazine.*

*Please note that the interview is in Dutch.

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Image by Vishal Banik


Tests at Connectum have shown that covering pools with a tarpaulin results in 40% less water evaporation with the combination of ClicFloats and ICOS.

Studies also show that water surfaces covered with ClicFloats and ICOS result in a lower water temperature during summer.

This way of saving water leads to water supply security (buffering).

"Since the panels are on the water, they are cooled and we have a higher efficiency. Compared to the figures from a European calculation model, it's about 10%."

The full interview with research results can be found here in the Connectum Magazine.*

*Please note that results are in Dutch.



With ClicFloats, water quality is optimized and protected and leads to:

  • lower water temperature

  • less fecal contamination

  • less need for algae control

  • less germ control 

Research results on how ClicFloats optimize water quality can be read here in the Connectum Magazine.*

*Please note that results are in Dutch.

Image by CDC


Image by Markus Spiske

"It's a big investment but sunlight - and therefore the production of green energy - is free. Once paid off, it becomes really exciting. Then only the costs of maintenance and insurance remain."


"An additional advantage is that you can now count on financial concessions from the government."

The full interview regarding green energy can be found here in the Connectum Magazine.*

*Please note that the interview is in Dutch.


approach of

 Green Energy              Higher Efficiency             Less Water Evaporation              Better Water Quality

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